Tuesday, August 7, 2012

50 shades of grey Laters, baby...

Yes this is the hottest topic this Summer...I read all 3 books in no time....I think I will re read them again come Fall....everyone would love a little Christian Grey in their lives now wouldn't we???  LOL Well a very good friend of mine wanted to showcase her love of the books on her here is what I did for her!!!

And needless to say she loved it!!! 

Orange you Glad it's Summer

Yet another post starting with this is Pinterest inspired....but GOSH I just love PINTEREST!!!  Any whoooooo....I saw this idea for teachers & though the grandbabies would just love these!!!  So I got the link from pinterest (sorry cannot even remember where now) to print of the labels & I went from there....had fun finding orange flavored items to add to these..and of course I had to personalize them!

 The orange flavored goodies ...

 The gift bags with the label & wooden alpha beads (purchased at WalMart)
 All ready for some special little people in our lives!
 Look at those SMILES!!!  I also found some BIG coloring books to put in there for them...a great way to end the day on Mackinac Island.

Manly card

Pinterest inspired birthday card.......

Wedding & Bridal shower gifts

Hello my crafty friends...this year has been filled with many many showers & weddings, grad parties and what not....I've been busy this Summer and not keeping up on my blog...hoping to do better...Here are a couple of the gifts I made for a wedding & bridal shower I had this last week....please feel free to leave me some blog love!!!  I love love love comments!

 I was looking on pinterest and saw some cups done up for brides and her bridesmaids....but I found this freezer mugs and came up with this idea.
 Especially since the grooms name is spelled differently .....I love love love personalizing gifts!
 And I even used the bottoms of the mugs!
 I have done this quite often...the brides new name done on a keepsake memory box!
 The mugs fit perfect in here (the reason I ended up putting the wedding date inside is because I cut that for the bottom of the mugs and it was too really never make mistakes in crafting!)
 I've recently started etching....the brides name was put on here....after the shower though I was informed by the groom to be that he does most of the cooking....lesson learned only last names on the casserole dish now!
 This is another FAV of mine!  It is a reminder of that special day and once the candle is gone you can melt it down & use the jar as a special keepsake too!
 Backside of the candle with their wedding date.
 All wrapped up and ready to go!
 The card I made in the colors of the wedding!!!

Now also on that weekend I had another wedding which was beach here is what I did for them!

 Since it was a beach themed wedding I decided to add some beachy charms to the brides mug.....
 And flip flops under their wedding date!

 The inspiration for this card came from pinterest...I made the colors coordinate with the wedding theme...I love how I embossed the sand dollars on the hearts.....Well have a great crafty day!