Monday, October 15, 2012

Gift Giving

I have an August birthday...the 23rd to be exact, I have quite a friend base that also have August birthdays so needless to say August is a fun month to celebrate.  I wanted to show one of my close friends how much I appreciate her friendship.  She love love lovesssssssss  flip when I saw this tray back in January I bought it right there and then knowing I would make this for her.  Let's take a look ...

 My friend have a bar that they call "The Bar" hence the vinyl on here and of course my girlfriends love of flip flops carries through this whole gift.
 Etched set of 4 glasses with flip flops
 All wrapped up and ready to give ...BTW she loved it.

Wedding Job

A couple of months back I posted some Bride & Groom mugs I made as bridal shower gifts & another set for a Bride & Grooms wedding day.  Well one of the brides asked me to make her bridal party mugs...oh did we have fun!!!  

Take a look....

There is a story as to why the lips & stache are on the bottoms of these goes back to this group of girls who are all getting married this year....the bride loved my idea of adding that element!


Fans of Michigan

One of my friends who lives in Maryland recently posted a shirt she liked, I told her that I thought I could recreate it for her...So she sent me the shirts & I showed her the design I came up with and she approved & I completed.  She & her hubby are diehard Michigan Wolverine fans (GO GREEN) which living in Maryland they cannot attend any games but this is a great way to show your support....

Now they can show there Wolverine Pride!!  I know she will be happily wearing these this Saturday for the MSU vs UofM game....Happy Crafting 

The BIG game 2012

Well we here in the great State of Michigan are always divided over a college football game once a year.  You either support the Michigan State Spartans or the University of Michigan Wolverines.  Supporting these teams can cause a great divide in your home.  Well, my home is one of those homes =)....I've been a DIEHARD MSU fan my entire life...My hubby on the other hand is a DIEHARD Michigan fan.  So this year we are hosting our ever growing family & I decided to make sure for everyone!  Although we as a WHOLE family are bigger Spartan fans =)  I guess this Saturday we will see how really is the Victors.....

This one is the first one I's for my grand daughter....You can never go wrong with Hello Kitty & Bling!!!  I know she is going to love love love it!
Next up is the oldest grandson....he is a BIG Michigan fan but he will support Michigan state when they are not playing Michigan....

These 2 are for our youngest daughter & youngest grandson!!!

And these are for the other men in our family that are Michigan fans......I love love love that I can create all these items for my family to make a SPECIAL day unforgettable .....hoping to have a family photo taking and play some football during halftime.