Friday, October 1, 2010

this & that

Well I've been neglecting my blog and well I am making up for it tonight....the photos are of miscellaneous items that I've made in the past.....I hope you enjoy....I'm more of a card maker or just general papercrafter...although in the past I've tole painted, sewed, gallery glassed, cross stitched, all but knitting....I've been creative since I was young..but in the last 15yrs I've really gone wild....I love to collect paper, glitter, and cricut cartridges....(the Christmas card I got the design from Happy Happy Joy Joy at Everyday with the Cricut, my girlfriend Jennifer is modeling the tray with vinyl I helped her make for gifts along with the believe Christmas blubs. The stop Santa sign I painted back in 1992....there are 11 different paint colors in Santa's beard!!! Happy Crafting~