Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank you gift

When I went on Spring break with my family, we needed someone to stay with our 3 dogs.  Well I do not have close family (or any family that would stay with them) so one of my girlfriends stayed here because she just loves our dogs.  She not only stayed with my dogs, but when I came home she had vacuumed my whole house, washed the sheets & just cleaned up.  I've never had this!!!  I was touched by her she loves Palm Trees and I thought I would make her a gift.  I purchased a berry breeze candle (smells so awesome!!) cut a palm tree out of vinyl using the Birthday Cakes cart & cut her name with the Life's a beach cart.  I will bling it up before I give it to her (we've both been so busy that is why she's not gotten it yet) and I am including some cards I made & packaged up for her.....(plus she is getting a fake miniature palm tree & a gift certificate for a day job I am a massage therapist)