Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve gift giving

Good Morning my crafty friends!  This afternoon we will head over to some friends of ours to play horseshoes in the snow!!!  So much fun!  You have to play partners with your spouse (I did better than my hubby last year & I never play horseshoes....let alone in the shoe!)  So for all of my girlfriends hubby's I decided to make these.  I saw these on pinterest & went to Life of a Modern Mom's blog.  She originally posted this November 29, 2010... check out her blog pretty neat!   Anyhow..this is how mine turned out!

 For those of you who do not know this is Kid Rocks beer that is brewed here in Detroit Michigan...(bet he never thought his beer would look like this )

 All the guys got a big kick out of these =)


Rock Girl Designs said...

High Five to the Badass beer! Love Kid Rock!
Love how you made the bottle reindeer!

Lucy said...

LOVE what you did with the bottles -- so cute!


CREATIVE M said...

Love it!!! What a great idea!!!

Amy said...

I love this! :) I am a new follower, would love for you to stop by my blog sometime too! :)