Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ornaments I made for customers

Well I can finally showcase the work I did for others this holiday season.  I am loving the fact that I can make personalized items for people!!!  Here are some of the items I made....Enjoy =)

 Seattle Marniers bulbs

 This was actually done as a shower gift the beginning of December
I am from the great state of Michigan & our Detroit Tigers did VERY well this these were a HOT item!

Our local school is Swan Valley Vikings & I made this for a friend's son.


KAT said...

you are very talented. love your lager dressups...too fun! and your ornaments are phenomynal...i think i spelled that wrong.

happy new years neighbor. boys wrestled against swan valley for 4 yrs.

Rock Girl Designs said...

what a GENIUS idea for all those sports fans!!

I am going to "borrow" this idea next year!


Lucy K said...

LOVE these too! Which vinyl did you use?

Ellen said...

Those are sooo pretty! Do you have a "how to" anywhere on doing this to ornaments? I've seen it before, but I think yours are the prettiest!