Friday, December 4, 2015


Oh my gosh I cannot believe it has been 2yrs since I last post to my blog!  I think or now realize that life has truly gotten in the way!  I have not even been active on my Crafty Queen facebook page.  I guess with the new year fastly approaching I need to make some commitments to staying in touch.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

PHEW What a DAY!!!! And my "FOREVER PUMPKINS" a FAUX story

Hello my crafty friends.....goodness I've not written a post since April...I guess it just seems life gets in the way.  I have been posting on my facebook page though.  I also started a instagram page.  Not sure how I like that!  

With the holiday's around the corner, I am sure everyone is wondering what will I make this year.  I am hoping to stay regular on updating my blog.  I have some really fun items that I will be making this holiday season and cannot wait to share them with you all.  

Halloween turned out to be a busy one for this Crafty Queen....I made some pumpkins (faux) for our grandbabies, once everyone realized they were not really the craze kicked off.  I purchased one of the faux pumpkins a couple of years ago at Michaels (sticker shock!!!) and made a welcome sign in vinyl to place on this said pumpkin.  Well, this year after making the new ones (with ideas from my other crafty friends!  You know, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!" (Some people on the web who like to sling copy write infringement need to remember this!...) Anywho, without further ado....some of the pumpkins that were created by MIO~~~

 These beauties were created using my cameo, the font on all of them is one called 2 peas Mr.Giggles, this is a font is a purchased font, it is created by 2 peas.  It is just such a fun font to use....for the polka dots I used my stampin up 1in punch, on some of them I also used the 3/4in punch.  The bling stars on the boys pumpkins is also a purchased file, created by some good friends of mine, head over to the file you are looking for is:  blingstars CS esp svg ( I just love those stars!!!)  I could not believe how popular the black faux pumpkins would be!  They were a HUGE hit!!!  I am officially the Crazy Pumpkin lady!!!  Enjoy the rest of the photos & until next time...Do something Creative love love Crafty Queen

 This was the little beauty I purchased a couple of years ago at Michaels (sticker shock) and I decided to give it a little love this season!  It of course is out on my porch for the pending Thanksgiving Holiday (almost the lost Holiday..poor Thanksgiving)...and then the next one is a gift I made for our daughter & son in law of both of their birthday's and now they have another pumpkin to display with pride.  (the last pumpkin above with Don & Tammy was used as a wedding gift!  They had a Skelly themed wedding..hence the Mr& Mrs on the backside with there wedding date!)

Good night my crafty PEEPS =)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Man Baby Shower 2013

Hi Crafty friends

I was hired by a friend to create the decor and pretty up the prizes for her baby boy Karsyn's shower.

She found quite a few of these ideas on Pinterest....please enjoy these goodies....

 Staches for the tables...
 Piggy bank...can you spare some change

 It's a "HE" hershey bars
 I love this idea of the alphabet and highlighting the letter of baby's name
 Gifts displayed as decor...the candles below are in the wrapping
 I just love how this candles turned out!